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Universal transport terminal

The innovative technological solution, provides automated ticket selling and reducing queues.

  • Selling tickets for public transport by cash and non-cash means (badges, transport cards, one-time tickets, e-tickets, etc.)
  • Issuance of banknotes and coins deposit
  • Providing advertising and reference information
  • Accumulation of fiscal information
  • Generation online reports and statistics
  • Powerful processor capable of processing large volumes of data
  • Equipment performance monitoring
  • Data protection and encryption


Technical support by phone

The maximum time to receive your application and processing it by our service support specialists will be not more than 3 hours

Efficiency troubleshooting

If your problem is not resolved in one call, we immediately send your request

to the service center, where it will be done within 3 days

Departure of the expert at the customer premises

We will help you to eliminate all the problems on the spot, so you can avoid unplanned downtime

Repair service center equipment

To provide you with technical assistance in time we are constantly expanding the geographic coverage of our service centers

"Hot Swap"

At the time of repair, we will replace the defective equipment to the workplace. Service support specialists of "Plasys" will help you to minimize your expenses.

Equipment Universal transport terminal
  • PC

    • USB & Ethernet ports

  • Monitor

    • 17 "-21" touch screen

  • Mains voltage

    • 220 V
    • battery

  • Bill acceptor

    • 1 cassette with lock x 1200 notes
    • multicurrency firmware

  • Coin acceptor

    • The capacity of 500 coins

  • Card reader

    • Magnetic
    • Chip
    • Contactless

  • Dispenser banknotes

    • 2 denomination
    • 2 cassette with lock x 2000 banknotes

  • Card dispenser

    • All types of credit cards
    • Transport cards

  • Issuance of coins

    • Hopper capacity of 500 coins

  • Issue of tokens

    • Hopper capacity of 500 coins

  • Printer

    • The printer for printing checks

  • Scanner

    • Optical Scanner

  • Alarm

    • Sound
    • Light

  • Video surveillance system

  • Smoke detector

  • WATCHDOG Timer

  • PIN keypad

  • Multiport controller

  • Climate system

  • Backlight tray

  • Fan

  • Backlight


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